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Floola Translator for Mac OS X

Floola Translator for Windows

Floola Translator for Linux

Before you start

You’ll need an active internet conection at least every 10 minutes
Never run the application directly from the .zip archive, otherwise translation won’t get saved

How it works

As mentioned in the previous section, you’ll need an active internet connection to use the application since it allows a collaborative (but not concurrent) translation. This avoids that the work done by you may be overwritten by someone else that is currently working at the same translation.
You’ll be warned at startup, and won’t be able to proceed, if there’s someone already working on the translation. You may won’t to try later again, usually it’s suggested to check every 15 minutes.

Even if terms are all already translated a full review of existing translation can be very helpful to improve Floola!


At startup choose language, then press OK. If your language is not listed please send an email to info [@] floola [.] com.

To translate a text just write it in the Translate Text textbox.
Carriage returns
You’ll need to preserve carriage returns. The translated term has to contain the same number of carriage returns

For example:


%1 and %2
Some terms contain %1 and %2.
They need to be included in your translation.

For example:
%1 of %2 done 3 of_translated 5 done_translated %1 of_translated %2 done_translated

Translation errors

Red rows warns you about terms that were not translated correctly as described above.

Translation Hint

Some terms have hints which specify where a term is found. This makes it easier for you to translate the term.
Please report if there’s a term you don’t understand or that is missing a hint.

Save translation

Your work will be saved automatically when quitting the translator program.

Translation progress

If you run Floola from the same folder where the translator program is located you’ll be able to see how the translation it progressing. Any term you already translated will be translated in Floola.
This can be very helpful to verify if terms aren’t translated with a too long definition which may for ex. not fit inside a button. In this case try to find a shorter solution.

Keyboard shortcuts

These can make translation much faster
  • SHIFT+ENTER will get you to next item to translate.
  • you can copy paste text from english text to translate text by using CTRL+A (APPLE+A under Mac).
  • CTRL+E (APPLE+E under Mac) lets you find text in english database
  • CTRL+T (APPLE+T under Mac) lets you find text in translated database

  • Once finished

    Once you translated everything, send the an notice via email to info [@] floola [.] com.

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