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When adding music as .mp4, Floola assumes it’s video… You can bypass it by renaming the files to m4a, but it would be a good thing to be able to change type within Floola.

And following is not a suggestion really, more a question if it would be advisable to actually tag mp4 video files with the information in the internal database. I had a small mishap and rebuilt the database, and several hundreds of video files lost their names… they just have the filesystem names, like KMRWE, NJQZZ etc. now. With several seasons of many unwatched tv-series and no way of telling which episode is which, this is not funny… :( If the files had been tagged, it would have been easy as pie to fix it afterwards. I will definitely start tagging videofiles separately myself, but maybe it would be something Floola could do too?

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I love floola, I’m using it since 3.9 or something. I have one suggestion currently: please add support for https:// podcast feeds. I have this one in my podcatcher on the desktop, and would like to add it to floola.
Alas I was using the non-https version before (, but now that just gives a 302 Permanently Moved to the secure one.

TIA, Erik

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Believe it or not I’ll soon be releasing an update with https support (but without authentication).

Stay tuned…

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I’d love it if as an auto playlist you could have loved tracks as a parameter.
Also Auto lyrics searching would be epic.
Loving the program though :)

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