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I apologize if this has already been addressed but I am having a difficult time using floola with my ipod classic. Note: I already searched the forums to see if this had been addressed, but could not find an answer.

I have a 160 gb ipod classic. When I start up floola it asks what ipod I have… The classic 6G and 7G is listed, but not the 160 gb. Is the 160gb supported? If not, is it in the works. If yes, then what do I choose to inform floola as to what I have?

Once again, I apologize if this has already been covered in another thread, but I did search and failed to see any answer about it. I try to keep good forum etiquette but I do need help!

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i had the same problem too so i chose my gen. 3 nano

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I believe the 80 and 160 gb ipod classics are the 6g and the newest 120 gb ipod classic is the 7g

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Yap. 80GB and 160GB is 6G, 120GB 7G. 80GB could also be a 5.5G iPod. 5.5G iPods have a shiny front cover while the 6G iPods front cover is mat.

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I too have the 160GB classic 7G model MC297LL and after using itunes to transfer one song, setting up Floola,floola will crash trying to transfer tunes to the ipod. then of course the artwork DB gets scrambled and i have to restore the ipod. I have restored it 3 times already. I have 3 other ipods of previous generations and have used Floola on them all and not had this problem. If Floola does not support this model, I would like to know because I HATE itunes and if i need to buy an old model, i will :)

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