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I just brought a new iPod classic 4 days ago and didn’t get to use it yet…the installation says that floola isn’t compatible with the newest version(The 2009 gen 6(2nd revision) )…Though that’s what I have selected for the menu bar.

And it says that it will corrupt my iPod and I have to contact this issue by the forum…
Well for the moment, I installed Floola in the midst of confusion…though I’m not sure that it will work even if I DID installed it(for the fact that it may corrupt stuffs—but my iPod’s brand new and empty anyway so worries about that). Because it says that it’s not compatible (even though I did checked that mine is the latest version–which is the 6th gen…)

I currently has a library of 7000+ mp3 files around 50gb that I hope to add as fast as possible to my iPod…because the PC which I am using to transfer files is extremely slow (3.5GB RAM;XP/good ol’d Pentium;3.2GhZ;and a mere 50GB for the only C:/ local hard drive(in case why the PC is so underrated, it’s because it’s being used for cloud computing…but I don’t have any other PCs faster than this one right now))…I don’t want to transfer all those files which will probably take more than 4 hours+ and will burn my PC to death so I want to ask beforehand if it’s safe to leave the things as they are right now or should I wait and ask for an update for the driver…Now I am just confused because this is my first time using floola and I don’t know what to do.

I would appreciate to get a response, thank you in advance.

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Add one song with itunes. Eject the ipod, make sure the song plays. Plugs the ipod back in, load floola. Add a song, eject, if the 2nd song is on the ipod, start adding more.

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