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i’ve used floola just fine for a couple of years now, though suddenly it’s decided to give me a problem.

i bought a digital album off a website, bandcamp. the files are .mp3 format. whenever i try to add them, floola either won’t add them, or just goes completely unresponsive.

i’ve tried resetting floola, resetting my computer, adding the files one at a time… nothing seems to work. sometimes it acts like it adds them– like the synchronizing progress bar appears, but then it stops at the very end and doesn’t continue, or disappears partway through having not added anything. other times, the bar doesn’t show up at all, and the program freezes.

i’m running windows 7 with the latest version of floola. i’m really not sure what the problem could be. i’d really like these songs on my ipod, so i’m posting here hoping there’s a solution.

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Are they DRM files?

Can you give me a link to one of the files?

What ipod do you have?

Can you add the files in itunes?

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I have occasionally had the same problem when adding independently released mp3s to my iPod via Floola. I noticed that any time Floola goes unresponsive when attempting to add a song, the mp3′s ‘rating’ tag had been set. By first clearing the rating tag from the file, I was able to add the songs to Floola.

Hope this helps!

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