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Just recently I added one podcast to the Podcast Manager (this is the URL I used: I had it download the last newest/latest episode, which it did fine, and this morning I deleted it from the Podcast Manager window (I was finished listening to that episode).

The next time I started it up, I believe it presented a message stating that it recommended deleting the podcast subscription because there were no new episodes, or something (can’t quite remember). When I went into the Podcast Manager, the subscription had been removed, so I added it back, and I think it was the very next time I opened Floola, that I got an exception.

The app seems to fully load okay, but when it’s checking for new episodes or something, this is the full text of the exception I’m getting:

Function BinaryStream.Create( FolderItem, boolean ) as BinaryStream
Sub resumableHTTPSocket.resGet( string, FolderItem, boolean )
Sub resumableHTTPSocket.resume()
Sub deviceMainDB_podcast_downloadengine.Event_Action()
Sub Delegate.Invoke()
Sub Application._CallFunctionWithExceptionHandling()

Is there a way I can remove the podcast subscription outside of the app, so that I can at least allow it start up? Better yet, I was starting to like the idea of managing a podcast or two from within Floola, so anything that could be done to get around this problem would be much appreciated!

I’m open to doing a remote debugging session if that helps. I was already running the latest build, but I did go ahead and try downloading the latest again from the website, and “reinstalling” (just copying the folder and exe on to my iPod), but the problem still persists.

Please let me know if there’s any other information I could provide that would help.

Posts: 40

I dug around on my iPod, and in the iPod_Control\Floola\empty_podcasts folder, there was one file that I deleted (I made a backup of it just in case) and that seems to have fixed the issue for now.

The next time I started Floola up, I did get the message about the fact that “Giant Bomb was empty; it is suggested to delete it” (I can’t recall the exact text); so, my Podcast Manager is empty, for now.

I’d still be interested in helping resolve this bug, and trying to repeat it, if necessary.

Again, let me know if there’s anything else I can do that would help.

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