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Dear Floola Team,

first I like to thank you very much for continuously developing Floola, I like the ease and convenience of that software very much.

I am presently running Floola for iPod (Windows version 2012r1) on an iPod nano 5g but the situation I will describe now was the same under v2011r3. The iPod is connected with a Windows Vista SP2 32-bit PC.

The issue is that the podcast release dates on my iPod are different from the dates shown in Floola. Thus it is difficult to identify the relevant releases and furthermore (I assume this has the same cause) podcasts will not be deleted after a week/month depending on the settings.

I will give you an example (also checked with different other podcasts, same behaviour):

subscription is made to

which shows up properly in Floola, with correct dates

on my iPod these podcasts are shown with different dates as follows (didn’t have a camera handy, but I could provide photo of iPod if helpful):

The strange thing is that the difference is always 5863 days (16 yrs and 19 days).

Have you experienced such a situation before? Do you have clue how to resolve that? Let me know if you need further details.

Thanks in advance for every help and kind regards

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