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So as you read in the subject I can’t add pictures in an album. I have windows vista home premium, an ipod classic 160 GB and I’m using floola 2012r1. The step I follow to reproduce the bug are the following:
-I open the manage menubar and then click picture
-I create a new album
-I drag and drop a jpeg picture in the window (with the new album selected on the left) and I see the message “Writing database” but then the program freezes
-I close the picture window and then if I try to close floola nothing happens but I have to close the program by killing the process in the task manager window
-when I turn on my ipod the picture is not added but the empty album is created and if I click on it the ipod crashes.

If I don’t create any album but simply add the picture I have no problems and everything works correctly.

Hope this has been helpful to solve the bug.

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