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Hi there,
After plugging my 80GB ipod classic into a public computer is corrupted in some way, saying the E:/ which it was registering as was not accessible. I was trying to open it as a storage device, to transfer photos to, on a computer which didnt have itunes on it.
The ipod had approximately 30GB of music on it and probably about 30GB of photos on it (stored as files, not to view on the ipod). After this the ipod said it has No Music or anything on it and when I try to access it on a computer I am told by the computer I have to reformat the device as it is corrupted.
It comes up as an icon in My Computer but I am unable to open it. Its properties say 0Gb in use and 0GB available, so i am not sure if the files are still there or not.

I had both yamipod and floola on the ipod, though I only used yamipod once, for fixing it when something similar happened in the past. That time though I was able to view the Porperties of the ipod and it was still registering my 60GB of data.

I cannot fix it using floola now because I cannot access the files on the ipod, and I cant fix it using yamipod because when I open the program and try Restore ipod, it doesnt recognise the ipod is plugged in.
My question is whether anyone knows a way I might be able to restore my music and photo files. I would be ridiculously grateful! I am traveling long distances on the other side of the world from my music stash and have an expensive paper wight for a music device!

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Try a defrag and a scan disk.

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