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I run Win7 and Kubuntu Natty machines at home. My ipod is classic 6g 120 black
Decided to test floola, and the app works as expected on windows – copied to ipod, started and everything was fine.

I downloaded the linux version, copied to ipod, set it executable, downloaded the needed lib, but the floola will not start neither from dolphin nor from terminal.
I tried with the desktop version then, and it started, but did not find any song entries on the ipod. I copied the folder to usr/share/floola but same behavior.
I found 61 deb version somewhere, installed, and this version works ok.
Strangely, I keep old installation of 10.10 , where floola used to work OK. I installed natty a week ago, so I must have used v.2011, too. If I have time I will mount and report as well.
I had some trouble with my ipod and restored it to default yesterday, if this is relevant – but with 6.1 on the Linux machine and 2011r3 under Windows this ipod now works fine.
I hope I can get any help, or hep for a bug to be removed.

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I can confirm the 2011r3 version works OK with Kubuntu 10.10, restored older image file and tried.

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I’m using Kubuntu natty, and 2011r3 works fine. It’s just a bit slow, but it works :)

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I tried to run it form the ipod, not form the PC, that was the problem

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Yep… Basically the latest version of udisks in (K)Ubunutu does not allow programs to be marked as executable from fat32 formated drives like ipods. YOu can install an slightly older version of udisks and run from the ipod again, but that will only work on your system.

I’m running floola from the hd. Seems to work faster, but I keep windows and a linux version on the ipod as well.

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