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I have a question.

I downloaded this program with the hope that I could transfer all the songs already on my iPod onto my new computer.

My poor iPod and I have suffered through three computer crashes— I lost all the original files for my music. The only place they still exist are in my iPod. I have a lot of music. I’m constantly worried that my iPod will get the White Screen of Death, and my ENORMOUS collection of music will be deleted!

So I downloaded Floola, and when I opened it, a window popped up, saying,

“Warning: iPod wasn’t setup properly, please refer to online documentation. Do you want Floola to set it up automatically?”

[yes] [no]

I read the docs, I even searched the web for similar stories, but I found nothing.

Will this clear my iPod? Will everything be deleted and restored?
I’m terrified. What do I do? HELP!!!

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1. What ipod do you have?

2. ALWAYS BACK UP YOUR MUSIC. HD are so big and cheaper now there is NO reason not to back up your files!

2. Now, go into your ipod_control hidden folder in explorer/nautilus. In there you will find your music files. They will be called things like sfdsfsd.mp3, just run them thorough an id3 tagger like kid3. There you have a back up of music. If you then going into ipod_control/itunes you will find your itunes database. Copy that to your HD, keep it safe. Those files tells your ipod what files you have on your player and all that other info…

3. and click yes…

I don’t want to make you scared, just trying to educated you on how the ipod works and how to keep your music safe.

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