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Started by: Guest Latest post by andrewjameshoward on October 5, 15:29
6 replies, 18703 views
Floola mixes up artists and doubles the artists
Started by: and2064 Latest post by and2064 on September 3, 06:05
1 replies, 834 views
Completely Flushed
Started by: Foscarrelli Latest post by Sid32 on August 31, 14:14
2 replies, 964 views
error when exiting floola probably because i dont have quicktime installed...
Started by: chorpo Latest post by chorpo on August 26, 11:23
1 replies, 1015 views
iPod won't show music, Floola still lists all tracks
Started by: HarryB Latest post by HarryB on August 25, 08:30
1 replies, 836 views
Never seen before Bug
Started by: HB5thGen Latest post by dottat on August 23, 17:28
5 replies, 949 views
Error 0x80070570
Started by: HB5thGen Latest post by HB5thGen on August 23, 12:09
3 replies, 988 views
adding songs
Started by: mindlessmasses Latest post by mindlessmasses on August 23, 04:29
4 replies, 1014 views
Copied files to PC disappearing
Started by: spontaneous Latest post by Guest on August 19, 19:34
7 replies, 1260 views
Adding files doesn't work
Started by: Raffomania Latest post by Raffomania on August 18, 12:06
5 replies, 1316 views
Added Files Immediately Become Orphaned
Started by: fredringwald Latest post by Guest on August 18, 10:00
9 replies, 2503 views
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