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Started by: Guest Latest post by andrewjameshoward on October 5, 15:29
6 replies, 18702 views
Ipod not found after ubuntu update to quantal
Started by: lilybellul Latest post by lilybellul on June 22, 17:42
9 replies, 4662 views
ipod seems empty after updating database
Started by: sadjohnny Latest post by sadjohnny on March 5, 02:31
4 replies, 2106 views
Not working in Ubuntu since 10.04
Started by: notchuck Latest post by Sid32 on February 24, 22:40
2 replies, 1158 views
Too long destination pathname
Started by: theermine Latest post by theermine on January 7, 19:32
7 replies, 1161 views
Floola gui slow in linux
Started by: TJN93 Latest post by TJN93 on December 27, 21:20
5 replies, 1531 views
Unable to Rebuild Artwork
Started by: xioxxi Latest post by xioxxi on November 26, 19:25
1 replies, 920 views
v5.6 problems and crashes
Started by: CWilson Latest post by dede-fr on November 26, 13:18
10 replies, 5262 views
crach after download podcast
Started by: alexandre958 Latest post by alexandre958 on August 28, 02:58
1 replies, 856 views
artwork load error artworkDB length
Started by: newhistory Latest post by zink23 on July 31, 08:41
6 replies, 9293 views
Uncompatibility with the newest version of iPod classic?
Started by: gumu Latest post by Sid32 on July 28, 19:18
2 replies, 1200 views
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