Floola Desktop and Floola iPod

With this new release there will be a new Floola flavor, Floola Desktop, which will allow you to manage music stored locally on your PC. It allows you to manage your local music library the Floola way, simple and lightweight.

The biggest new feature since the Alphas is the Organize Folders which allows you to synch folders with the your music library. Files added or removed from selected folders are detected very quickly so that your library will be always up to date. No more manual add or remove items (aka exclamation marks..) from your library!

The iPod version was updated too and gains a lot of bug fixes.

Here is the list of updates (both versions):
1) adding. you can now d&d to the main window instead of using the add to window
2) it’s faster adding files
3) you shouldn’t be able to add a file more than once if added with Floola. This automatically avoids duplicates
4) GUI should load faster on startup
5) did you notice that Facebook and Twitter plugins were recently added?

Being the first beta release available please you’re strongly suggested to backup your music before using this version!

Before downloading

Floola is freely distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Floola is spyware, adware and virus free!  
Download BETA

This is a beta version software which means it may be unusable and unstable. Use at own risk as usage may corrupt music library. Please report any problem in forum.

Floola for Desktop

Floola for iPods