What is remote debugging?

It’s the easiest and fastest way to fix a bug in Floola, but only if you’re able to replicate the bug.
When you find a bug, first of all write down the error message that appears when Floola closes. Then, remembering what you were doing, try to reproduce the error repeating the same steps you did before. If it crashes again then the bug is most probably fixable.
We only need to remotely debug the application. To debug means to look step by step what the program is doing making it easy to identify where flaws may eventually be. Remote refers to the fact that this is done remotely, to see what happens on your PC.
This nice feature is made available by the program I use to develop Floola, Realbasic.
If interested please let me know, you’ll need:
  • a broadband connection (anything faster than dialup)
  • knowledge on how to open port in case you have firewalls running (open TCP/UDP ports 44555, 13897)
  • the remote stub (the program to do remote debugging). The executable is contained in the Extra folder of any of the RealBasic/RealStudio releases. Get it here here, it’s free to download.
  • an ICQ or MSN or skype or AIM account to have an instant communication (I’m online usually at 7pm CEST)
  • 30 minutes of your time
  • That should be all.
    IM contacts ICQ: 230860946 MSN: ttt78@hotmail.com
    More to add, wanna help?