Requirements (Floola for iPod only)

If you freshly formatted or restored your iPod, you’ll need to run iTunes once and copy at least one song. Under Windows and Mac OS X Floola for iPod may ask you to setup your iPod automatically. If you prefer you can do this manually as described below:
  • set your iPod to work as a Hard Disk as shown here. It’s also suggested to uncheck the Open iTunes when this iPod is attached option.
  • set iTunes to manage songs manually as shown here.
  • If you own a new iPod model (nano with video, iPod classic 6G or newer), you’ll find the fwid associated with your iPod as described in the Startup section here
  • Floola for iPod is compatible with iTunes, other iPod applications (ephpod, winamp, ml_ipod, gtkpod, Mediamonkey and others) may not be compatible and there’s not guarantee everything will work properly.
    Running iTunes once with the your iPod plugged in will fix any incompatibility issue created by one of these 3rd party softwares.
    Installation (Windows and Mac OS X)

    If you setup your iPod as described above just double click on the application icon.
    Installation (Linux)

    Floola relies on libstdc++5. To install it (under Ubuntu) type sudo apt-get install libstdc++5 via terminal. If your distro does no longer have the package, get it from
    To enable audio playback you’ll need either gstreamer (suggested package is gstreamer0.xx-plugins-bad) or lib xine to be installed (but these should be already installed by default on any distribution). If both are installed gstreamer will be used.
    If you’re running Floola for iPod with a Nano5G (or newer) or your running Floola for Desktop then you’ll also need to install the following packages: zlib1g and zlib1g-dev.
    To start Floola, just double click on application icon or from console type ./Floola. If it still doesn’t start, make sure it has correct permissions typing chmod +x Floola via terminal from the folder where you extracted Floola.
    It’s suggested to use Windows formatted iPods with Floola for iPod as there are problems mounting Mac formatted (HFS+) iPods.
    Make sure your iPod is mounted with read AND write access.
    If you’re running a 64bit environment please install 32bit version libraries first.

    Since Floola does not come with an installer, full uninstallation can be performed starting Floola and going to Tools->Advanced->Uninstall Floola. Then just delete the executable.


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