If you like Floola and found a bug you can help to get it fixed. Carefully read this page before reporting any bug; it will help to get your bug fixed sooner!
How to report a bug

  • For simpilicty bug reports tickets have to be posted in the bug report forum so that other users can eventually discuss and contribute with more information.
  • Before posting search to make sure that the ticket wasn’t already submittted. Duplicated bug reports will most likely be deleted.
  • When filling information about the bug include: your operating system, iPod model and Floola version. Floola version can be retrieved in the About window in the Help menu.
  • You need to find a way to replicate it. It’s almost impossible to fix a problem without detailed step by step instructions about how to reproduce the bug.
  • If you have all the above information and want desperately that the bug gets fixed you might want to read more about remote debugging.
  • Remeber that posting a bug that does not contains the above indication is useless, so save your time (and ours) and do not submit the bug. To proceed with the bug report click here.
    How to report a bug that corrupts iPod

    The following instructions are intended for advanced users only

    Even if rare it may happen that Floola messes up the item and/or artwork catalog.
    When the item catalog is messed up either Floola comes up with an error on startup or the iPod doesn’t show any song/video/podcasts/audiobooks.
    When the artwork catalog is corrupted then artwork are either not shown at all or in the wrong order.
    Please remember that Floola is able to repair your iPod in case the music/video database has been corrupted (see Repair iPod here).
    To properly help fixing a bug some short information about the files used by the iPod are necessary:
  • All system files are contained in the iPod_Control folder in your iPod. Note tha this is a hidden folder.
  • The item catalog (music+video+audiobooks+podcasts) is contained in a file called iTunesDB located under iPod_Control\iTunes in your iPod.
  • The artwork catalog is contained in several files (3 or more depending upon your iPod model) in the Artwork folder located under iPod_Control\iTunes in your iPod.
  • Catalog bugs are easier to fix when the iPod contains few items. A simple way to achieve this is to rename the iPod_Control folder to iPod_ControlBAK, then start iTunes and add a few items. Close iTunes.
    Now it’s all about trying to reproduce the bug with Floola. For example if you noticed (with your standard catalog) that deleting an artwork after adding a song messes up things, try to repeat it with the small catalog until you find a way to do it step by step repeatably.
    If your bug is replicable then consider the bug fixed (or at least this happens in 99% of cases). You can also send an email attaching the zipped iTunesDB and the artwork folder (if it’s less than 3MB).
    When done you can go back to your orginal catalog by deleting the current iPod_Control folder and renaming the iPod_ControlBAK to iPod_Control.


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